Setup Guide configuration

We can help you setup the Product Guide on your website. Below you can choose the settings and then the link you need is generated automatically. When you have chosen the relevant settings, just copy the link into your website.

Generated link

When you have chosen your settings, just copy the text from the gray box into your website.

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="700"></iframe>


General setup


The type determines the selection of products in the Product Guide. If you need a special selection not listed here, please contact us on +45 86 20 82 00.


If the colour scheme doesn't match your website, you can choose another that better suits your design.


If you choose "Auto select", the Product Guide will automatically use the language of your users browser. You can also specify that the Product Guide should only run in a specific language.

Advanced settings

The following settings are not required to use the Product Guide, but gives you the opportunity to integrate the Product Guide within your own website. These settings assume a certain technical knowledge and is not directly supported.

Stocks Information

By choosing the show stocks option, It will shows the stocks information from EET stocks.

Product button link

This enables you to send the customer to a specific page, when a product link is clicked. The link will be suffixed with the part number of the clicked product (where XXX is the part no.):

Product button text

This text will be shown on the product link button.

Link target

If your website is using frames, you can target the button link to a specific frame, or perhaps just to full screen, by entering the target name here.

StyleSheet (CSS) link

You can change the styling to your preference, just specify a link to a CSS file on your server, and it will be loaded to overwrite the default styles.

You can download one of the following templates, and modify it as you like. Then put it on your server, and enter the URL in the field.

Templates: Black | Red | Green